Brain Conditions – Major Types of Stroke


Stroke pic


Through Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island, Gayle Rebovich, MD, provides expert care to patients impacted by strokes and other neurological problems. Before becoming a physician, Gayle Rebovich, MD, earned her doctor of medicine from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

When a physician examines a patient and determines he or she has suffered a stroke, it means that blood flow to a portion of that patient’s brain has ceased. It can also mean that a breach in a blood vessel has caused blood to spill onto the brain. Both conditions result in damage to brain tissues, giving rise to neurological symptoms like paralysis, weakness, confusion, and inability to speak or to interpret speech.

About 5 percent of all deaths in America result from strokes. Overall, more than 790,000 strokes occur each year in this country, killing about 130,000 patients. The kind of stroke that interrupts blood flow represents the vast majority, with only roughly 13 percent of strokes categorized as the bleeding or hemorrhagic variety.


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