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Hiking the Himalaya Mountains pic

Hiking the Himalaya Mountains

A neurologist at Roger Williams Medical Center, Gayle Rebovich, MD recently received a promotion to division director of neurology. In her spare time, Gayle Rebovich, MD avidly hikes and has scaled the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan.

When trekking across the Himalayan Mountains, hikers should consider the following.

Hiking Locations

Nepal is the safest point for beginners to hike the Himalayas. It caters to hikers of all ages and offers ideal and secure accommodations, unlike Northern India. Veteran hikers should venture to Bhutan to travel more technical routes.


A trip along the Kathmandu Valley Trek offers the best 180-degree view, according to Himalayan Footsteps founder Olly Margry in an interview with Conde Nast Traveller. At the summit, the valley reaches heights of more than 9,100 feet above sea level. Hikers can take in views from the western Annapurna Range to east Everest. Other sites worth seeing include Kathmandu’s Durbar Square and the Annapurna Conservation area.


The risk of altitude sickness can be reduced by keeping the motto of “climb high and sleep low” in mind. Hikers should focus on ascending to higher points during the daytime, keeping in mind they will need to come back down at day’s end to rest.